The Lineage Timeline: 8000 Years of African & World History... On A 10 ft Scroll

This ground breaking scroll packs so much information and knowledge into one place that it simply has to be seen to be believed! Why not join 1000s of happy customers in breaking the bondage of limited thought patterns.... See the testimonials and videos below for proof! 

Learn about where it all started:

African origins of scientific observation

African origins of mathematical concepts

African observations of time itself... which lead to calendars and zodiacs and the modern BC / AD concept

African realisations of both the conscious and subconscious mind

African origins of medical theories

African origins of concepts of modern justice and law

African origins of religion and spirituality that reflect on the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)

African creation myths

African origins of DNA and humanity itself

African origins of modern symbolism

African origins of architecture

African origins of empire (KMT, Songhay, Mali, Ghana)

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See how Africa fits in:

Compare Africa to the timeline(s) of famous world empires, kingdoms and civilisations and see how it crosses religions, cultures and epic clashes:

The heavy influence of KMT (aka Kemet aka Egypt) dynasties and discoveries on all of world history 

Indus & Kush dynasties of India

Shang (1st) dynasty of China

Greek Empire

Roman Empire

Persian Empire

Byzantium dynasty


Ottoman Empire

Middle Ages


The rise of Europe (ie Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Holland, Belgium)

World Wars 1 & 2

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Get all this and more...

Gives an amazing visual concept of time constructs

De-constructs myths and false historical reports

Reveals huge gaps in traditional school learning

Reverses stunted mental conditioning

Promotes accelerated ‘whole brain’ learning

Promotes personal & professional development

Engages debate & self-discovery

Promotes respect for all cultures & their civil and human rights

De-constructs negative stereotypes

Confirms world-class scientific research

Uncovers historical gems & trivia

Can be used by all ages, races & backgrounds

Can be used in schools, homes, offices, community centres…

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See what people have been saying in our focus groups

Even though The Lineage Timeline has existed for over 10 years, we still like to test it out with new audiences all the time. Here's a sample of one of our latest focus groups in NYC. The people in the videos were encouraged to give honest opinions of their history and how they thought The Lineage Timeline could help them in future.

Great for schools


Great for the whole family


Personal & professional development


History comes alive!


Emancipate yourself



The (Lineage) Timeline is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to consciously engage in the act of ”Sankofa“ (looking back to move forward).

I encourage everyone to purchase a Timeline. Study it and participate in a mental revolution of self discovery which will transform the world…

Anthony T. Browder is a best selling author of several modern classics on world history including: ‘Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization’, ‘Egypt on The Potomac’ and ’Survival Strategies for Africa’

This is by far THE best Timeline I’ve ever seen – so inclusive, so comprehensive and so detailed – nothing else compares! 

(The Lineage) Timeline deals exceptionally well with the episodes that make up the African epic from earliest times up until the present day.

Professor James Small has been a world class scholar & distinguished lecturer on Pan African studies in the USA for over 40 years, was a compatriot of Malcolm X's family and still conducts regular cultural and historical tours in Africa

For many its like mental blow with a baseball bat backed up with 6 ft of great images and details.

I recommend that teachers and parents buy (The Lineage Timeline) any time I run workshops or teacher training…

Tony Warner runs unique guided tours of London which detail the strong influences of Black people & communities on the most famous institutions & architecture in London.

(The Lineage) Timeline is a must for every family in the UK, regardless of creed, class or colour! ...

(It is) incredibly user friendly & works fantastically for interactive sessions no matter if I’m in schools, colleges or universities…

Andrew Muhammad aka ‘The Investigator’ As one of the UK's leading Black historians & culture specialists, Andrew is famous for his lectures on history and film where hidden symbols, languages and messages are unravelled.

(Paul Obinna’s) work is a visual masterpiece that is bolstered by intellectual rigour…

The best way to counter historical distortions is to present a counter argument that can stand on its own merit...

Dr. Lez Henry is a visiting Fellow of Sociology at Goldsmith’s University, London and a founder member The National Independent Education Coalition (NIEC). Dr. Henry has been delivering education & interventionist packages in UK colleges and universities for decades

I use the Timeline in my role as a personal development trainer and it never fails to a stimulate discussion about the power and nature of knowledge. It’s more than just a great learning resource. It’s a vital piece of equipment to have in your trainer’s toolbox.

Pascoe Sawyers is a personal coach, business consultant and author of 'MePLC: Your Life Is Your Business'

I think the (Lineage) Timeline is phenomenal and I am happy for you to quote me on that. 

When I first saw this demonstrated I realized its amazing potential as an outstanding teaching tool...

Juliet Alexander works in various charity sectors as well as PR, communications, training & event management

The (Lineage) Timeline is phenomenal! It’s exceptionally detailed and should be made available in all aspects of the modern educational system. 

Paul Obinna’s expertise has been extremely beneficial to a wide range of developments in the London Probation Service...

Delphine Duff, Equality and Diversity Officer, London Probation Service

As a introductory resource, the (Lineage) Timeline is amazing – it clearly visualises many of the topics I’m learning about in college. 

Also, the references at the end are truly invaluable, especially those that refer to the modern period.

Patrick Butterfield, Sociology (PhD) undergraduate, Goldsmith’s University, London
Paul Obinna

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